Monday, October 21, 2013

Jean Jullien's Childline Illustrations

(Found on "It's Nice That")

Maisie Skidmore:
Of all the ways illustration is utilised in modern media, its ability to make charitable organisations more accessible to children and vulnerable people is still the one I find the most effective. Something about those pencil lines and roughly drawn faces is humanising and honest in a way that flashy, cutting edge graphic design doesn’t always manage to be. 
Childline’s new campaign which seeks to pull down the barriers that might prevent children from getting in touch with them for a chat whether that be out of fear, pride or embarrassment, is a prime example of this. To help this process along they’ve asked Jean Jullien [...] to create a series of ads about some of the things which are scarier than calling. Characteristically cheeky and undeniably powerful, we think he’s done a cracking job.

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Amali de Alwis said...

Hmm...seems the same as a previous piece done by Stephen Collins for the Time to Change mental health charity from last year.