Sunday, February 9, 2014

Tara Donovan: humble objects orchestrated

Tara Donovan Haze, 2003 
Stacked Clear Plastic Drinking Straws

Dedication to construction + listening to the possibilities and limitations of a material + following natural laws of accumulation and variation + masses of mass-produced objects.

When thinking about my work in relationship to the spaces it inhabits, I use the term “site-responsive” as an alternative to what I see as the overuse and vagueness of the term “site-specific.” Because my work functions as a field of material that could extend infinitely, the architecture of the spaces it inhabits defines the volume of material used and scale of the final form. Every installation of my work must necessarily respond very intimately to the architectural surroundings. (Tara Donovan, in an interview with Jill Sterrett and Richard McCoy, 2010)

Printed from matrix of rubber bands
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